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Blues Buddy MT-16


Product Description


Input Power: 120 Voltz 60 Hz 70Watts

Output Power: 16 Watts

Speaker: 12" Jensen Vintage Ceramic

Weight: 28.6 lbs

Size: 19x18x9 inches HWD




Blues Buddy is designed to be simple, reliable and provide pure Blues tone. There is no control on the amp. You and your guitar create the tone. The amp is always ready to produce deep bass, strong mid-range and shimmering highs.

If you need a sound beyond what you and your guitar can create, this amp loves pedals. The high headroom of the preamp is designed to work with anything you can stuff in the input jack.

The front panel has no labels. They aren't needed. Here's all you need to know:

                             - The switch turns the amp on.

                             - Plug the guitar in the jack.

                             - The only knob is the volume.

                             - There's a pilot lamp to remind you when it's on.


The Combo Amp will also drive any external speaker cabinet. The speaker jack is located at the back of the cabinet on the bottom right side of the chassis. Maximum power will be available with an 8 ohm load. Other speakers loads may be safely used but available power output will be less.



No regular maintenance is required.

This amplifier is designed to give long service life. During operation it will get warm and the tubes will get hot. Always allow free airflow at the back of the cabinet, at least 2 inches of clearance to any solid surface. With ventilation, more is always better.


Vacuum Tubes

Preamp: 12AX7

Phase Inverter: 12AX7

Output: 6L6 (2)


The combo cabinet is solid pine and if necessary may be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. The finish can be touched up with a furniture scratch filler. Never flood the surface with any liquid. 


Crank it up and play it LOUD!