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Blues Buddy MT-8 1x12 Combo


Product Description

Proudly built in Seattle, Washington.

Blues Buddy is designed to be simple, reliable and provide pure Blues tone. There is no tone control on the amp. You and your guitar create the tone. The amp is always ready to produce deep bass, strong mid-range and shimmering highs. If you need a sound beyond what you and your guitar create, this amp loves pedals. The high head room of the preamp is designed to work with anything you can throw at it.


The front panel has no labels. Here's all you need to know.


   - The switch turns the amp on.

   - Plug the guitar in the jack.

   - The only knob is the volume.

   - There's a red lamp to remind you when it's on.


The amp can be used with any outboard speaker cabinet. Maximum power will be available with an 8 ohm load. Other speaker loads may be safely used but available power will be less.

The speaker jack is located at the back of the cabinet on the bottom left side of the chassis.


Vacuum Tubes

    Preamp: 12AX7

    Output: 5881 preferred, 6L6 allowed substitute

Blues Buddy MT-8 1x12 Combo
$60.00 (Fixed shipping cost)