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Mesa Acoustic Rosette 300


Product Description



Capture Your Acoustic’s Tone with Detail and Clarity Like Never Before.


Rosette Front Panel



Rosette Rear Panel


Introducing the new Rosette™ 300 / Two:Eight Acoustic Combo Amplifier with 300 Watts of portable power, 2 Channels and a professional grade feature set for home, studio or stage.

Mesa Boogie Rosette 2x8 Acoustic Combo
The new MESA/Boogie® Rosette™ 300 / Two:Eight Acoustic Amplifier shown in standard finish British Tan Bronco with Cream & Tan Weave Grille and new Dark Brown Leather Corners and Dark Brown Handle

Few can deny the intrinsic beauty of the Acoustic Instrument, especially the Acoustic Guitar. The visual beauty of the Tonewoods, the curvaceous shapes and elegant lines of body styles, and the delicate artwork of inlay all coalesce in harmonious interplay with tensioned strings to produce musical promise.

So when we at MESA® turned our eyes and ears toward amplifying these sounds, one thing more than any other stood out as an objective; Do No Harm. In its sincerity and perfection, there is no reason to “enhance” the sound of the acoustic guitar, or any other acoustic instrument for that matter, but rather… just reproduce it.

Unlike electric guitar amplifiers that offer myriad enhancements and often complete re-voicings, the acoustic instrument has all the complex harmonic content it could ever need, on-board. All that is required is the accurate reproduction of that beauty.

Mesa Boogie Rosette Acoustic DI Preamp
While staying true to the concept of Do No Harm, few products or companies seem to share this perspective for Acoustic Amplification. And when it comes to the electronic and mechanical components and design needed to fulfill that order, it’s easier said than done. It requires a commitment to using the absolute best components and circuit design dedicated to uncompromising accuracy, purity of sound and the lowest possible extraneous noise.

The ROSETTE line is a dedicated acoustic instrument platform designed not just for acoustic guitars, but also for mandolin, ukulele, violin/fiddle, dulcimer, cello, upright bass and other uniquely acoustic instruments.

Our reverence and appreciation for acoustic instruments guides the designs of the Rosette Series products. Our commitment to produce innovative, reliable and inspiring musical instrument amplification for nearly 50 years, finally includes the incredible world of acoustic instruments. Introducing the Rosette 2x8 combo and the Rosette DI Preamp/Pedal.

Product Videos

MESA Rosette™ 300 / Two:Eight Acoustic Combo Demo 09:56

MESA Rosette™ 300 / Two:Eight Acoustic Combo Demo Our commitment to producing innovative, reliable and inspiring musical instrument amplification for nearly 50 years finally includes the incredible world of acoustic instruments! The Rosette™ Combo combines thoughtful design with the highest quality components, materials and construction to deliver a new standard of detail and clarity in acoustic amplification. Handbuilt in Petaluma, California, the Rosette combo is a compact and powerful 30 lb., 300 watt amplifier that offers ample headroom and accuracy while being dedicated to delivering your acoustic instrument’s true tone. The Rosette Series is designed not just for acoustic guitars, but also for vocals, ukulele, mandolin, dobro, violin/fiddle, cello, upright bass, and and other uniquely acoustic instruments. The Rosette combo features two highly versatile channels and 300 Watts of power via a lightweight Class D power section driving two 8” custom neodymium speakers. At only 30 lbs., gigging musicians will appreciate the ability to easily transport the Rosette between home, studio and gigs. Feature packed with MESA’s optimized input circuitry, the Rosette offers two full-featured channel strips perfect for amplifying any acoustic instrument. Professional features include two input stages for both channels that include channel specific XLR and ¼” inputs, optimized to address common tone degradation issues associated with compromised dual-purpose circuits fed by universal combo jacks standard on many acoustic amplifiers today. For tone shaping, a 4-Band EQ provides a level of tone control one would expect in high end recording or live sound consoles. The Rosette’s on-board Effects Suite includes three options: REVERB + CHORUS, ROOM REVERB, and HALL REVERB, with parameter controls for adjustment of specific effect functions in each of the three FX modes. An FX BYPASS feature provides footswitchable bypass of the internal effects and/or any external effects that may be inserted in the FX LOOP. A HEADPHONE Output provides personal monitoring, with or without the combo speakers connected, and a studio-quality DIRECT OUTPUT are among the many professional features on the Rosette’s rear panel. The Rosette’s depth of tone and frequency control place the new acoustic amp in a category beyond standard acoustic amps and more aligned with the best of high-end pro audio gear. Recorded with various guitars and instruments into the MESA Rosette™ Combo and mic’d with a Royer Stereo XY, an AEA R44 Ribbon Mic, and the Rosette Channel DI’s. Mixed with approximately 40% Royer, 30% AEA and 30% DI with occasional compression leveling via UAD 1176 at 20:1 and mastering for optimized levels. MESA Rosette™ 300 / Two:Eight Acoustic Combo: www.mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/acoustic/acoustic-combo-series/rosette-300/index.html Check out the MESA Rosette™ DI-Preamp here: http://mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/acoustic/pre-amp-series/rosette-preamp/index.html Our thanks to the performers in this video for their music, time and energy: Kris Dilbeck (Mesa Customer Service): www.frobeck.com/ Gretchen Menn: www.gretchenmenn.com Tal Morris: www.facebook.com/icehousestudios Callie Watts-Dilbeck: www.calliewatts.com

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    MESA Rosette™ 300 / Two:Eight Acoustic Combo Demo Our commitm...