Whether it's that pesky output jack, string rattle and fret buzz killing your sustain,
or just time to hot-rod your guitar with new hardware and better electronics, our repair shop can handle it.

Labor Rate $75 Hourly Rush Fee $37.50

Basic Service/Restrings
Most Instruments $26.25 + Parts
Electric Guitars w/Floyd Trem $37.50 + Parts
Polish Frets, Clean and/or Treat Fingerboard, New Strings,
Adjust Truss Rod, Tighten All Loose Bushings & Screws

Most Instruments $75 + Parts
Electric w/Floyd Trem $93.75 + Parts
Basic Service + Bridge Height & Angle Adjustments, Nut Adjusted & Lubed, Intonation, Electronics Flushed, Pickups Balanced

Electric Solidbody Installs
Output Jack $18.75 + Parts
One Pickup, Pot or Switch $37.50 + Parts
Multiple Pickups, Pots or Switches $75 + Parts
Fit Bone Nut $112.50 + Parts (Includes Setup)

Acoustic Installs
Output Jack $37.50 + Parts
Single Source Pickup $75 + Parts
Dual Source Pickup $112.50 + Parts
Fit Bone Nut or Saddle $112.50 + Parts (Includes Setup)

Electric Hollowbody Installs
Output Jack $37.50 + Parts
Pickups, Pots or Switches $112.50 + Parts
One Or Multiple Parts
Fit Bone Nut $112.50 + Parts (Includes Setup)


Don't see what your looking for? Email or call us at (425)251-5929.
Prices listed are typical of an instrument in good shape, prices may change based on your particular instrument.
Written estimates will be provided at time of dropoff.