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Rivera Venus Recording


Product Description



The Rivera Venus Recording is your all-tube analog all-solution tone machine.  With 2 channels, Treble “Bright” and Middle “Notch” switches, Voicing switch, Built in 11 band Rockrec EQ and a pre and power amp channel assignable effects loop, you’ll be able to dial in any tone you desire Directly into your DAW or a mixing console.  No need to have mic a Cab again! However, there’s 25watts of luscious 6V6 power, which is plenty to push your favorite cabinet on stage when you need.  Also, features a Foot-switchable lead boost, balanced and unbalanced outputs, an Aux input and Headphone output.

hannel 1
 can go from super spanky clean to a hot blues overdrive or classic rock tone. The combinations of the Treble “pull Bright” and Middle “pull Notch” can give you 4 different clean voicings and allows you to get tweed or blackface tones. Crank up the Volume knob for more gain and get “Clean Sustain” giving all those Gilmour, EJ and Carlton tones.
Channel 2 can be voiced for either classic rock, hard rock, metal or progressive shred. You can also adjust the interaction of the 3 band passive tone controls with the Voicing control to give you a wide tone range from our knucklehead series, tweed 2 knob Fender champ, to a vintage 60’s Marshall top, JTM-45 Combo, Vox AC-30 or classic blackface Fender.
11 bands of EQ are specifically chosen to be in the guitar speaker range and allow you to mimic the "mic'd" tone of common guitar speakers. Each band has a range of + or - 18dB giving you massive control over a broad frequency range. The 11 band EQ can be placed pre or post the Venus Recordings internal power amplifier allowing you to fine tune your tone through your speaker cabinet, create an all-analog speaker simulation direct to your PA/DAW or both!
• Two effects loops The first placed traditionally between the preamp and power amp is fully buffered and has front panel send and return controls. It is foot-switchable and assignable to either either channel or both. The second effects loop being fully buffered as well is between the power amplifier and the recording output. This allows patching of effects such as spatial reverbs and delays to capture the power amplifier distortion and character. The signal can then be fed into the 11 band Graphic EQ and through the recording output resulting in a huge aural image to your the house or your DAW.
• The Auxiliary Input allows for an external signal such as the preamp of another amplifier, an effects device or any other audio source to be inserted either before the power amplifier or recording output. You could jam along with your favorite tracks and record both together or blend a parallel effect back into the Venus Recording. Patch in another preamp or re-amp from your DAW and utilize the powerful 11 band EQ.
Headphone Output is provided to monitor in real time the signal from the Recording Output or from the signal feeding the power amplifier. For late night shredding, you can silently play and record. A musician can also dial-in his tone before sending the signal to the front of the house.

• A Level Meter is provided than can be switched from measuring the power amp output in watts, or the recording output level in dB.

The Rear Panel Features a balanced and transformer isolated XLR, a unbalanced phone jack output, 2 speaker outs, 4/8/16 impedance switch, High and Low power switch (25watts or 7watts) and a Silent (internal load) or External (cabinet) load switch.
FS-7VR Footswitch Included

Product Videos

Rivera Venus Recording Features and Demo 08:53

Paul Rivera Jr explains all the features of the new Venus Recording, our two channel all tube 25watt amp with the Rockcrusher Recording's 11band EQ built into it. See and hear what the 11band EQ sounds like when assigned to cabinet or direct only. Also, learn about the power of the Auxiliary input, running two preamps in parallel, Voicing switch, effects loop 1 and the AFTER power section effects loop two. Learn more at http://www.rivera.com/product/heads/venus-recording/

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    Paul Rivera Jr explains all the features of the new Venus Reco...