Whether it's that pesky output jack, string rattle and fret buzz killing your sustain, or just time to hot-rod your guitar with new hardware and better electronics,
our repair shop can handle it.
Labor Rate $75 Hourly
Rush Fee $37.50
Basic Service/Restrings
Most Instruments $26.25 + Parts
Electric Guitars w/Floyd Trem $37.50 + Parts

Polish Frets, Clean and/or Treat Fingerboard, New Strings, Adjust Truss Rod, Tighten All Loose Bushings & Screws
Most Instruments $75 + Parts
Electric w/Floyd Trem $93.75 + Parts

Basic Service + Bridge Height & Angle Adjustments, Nut Adjusted & Lubed, Intonation, Electronics Flushed, Pickups Balanced
Electric Solidbody Installs
Output Jack $18.75 + Parts
One Pickup, Pot or Switch $37.50 + Parts
Multiple Pickups, Pots or Switches $75 + Parts
Fit Bone Nut $75 + Setup & Parts
Acoustic Installs
Output Jack $37.50 + Parts
Single Source Pickup $75 + Parts
Dual Source Pickup $112.50 + Parts
Fit Bone Nut or Saddle $75 + Setup & Parts
Electric Hollowbody Installs
Output Jack on Plate $18.75 + Parts
All Other Output Jacks $37.50 + Parts
Pickups, Pots or Switches $75 + Parts

One Or Multiple Parts
Fit Bone Nut $75 + Setup & Parts
Level, Crown & Polish $225 + Parts
Includes Setup
If you don't see what your looking for call or email us. Prices listed are typical of an instrument in good shape, prices may change based on your particular instrument.
Written estimates will be provided at time of dropoff.